Friday, October 28, 2005


classroom management evaluation

Classroom management, thankfully, is the least of my worries at school. I feel that I have things very under control. Students respect me and pay attention.

What changes have you made to your plan?

Well, having kids stay after class is a joke. I don't have time to deal with them as another class is coming in, and they don't really care anyway. So it's really just a series of warnings, then detention, then referalls. The number of referalls I've been giving has dropped significantly. Detention is working like a charm.

What parts of your plan have worked/didn't work?

Detention, and detention. Most students don't want it and will do anything to avoid it - even behaving themselves. But others didn't care because they knew they weren't coming anyway. I talked to the administration about the detention skippers and they stood behind me 100 percent. Any student that skips detention is over night suspended, which means the parents have to bring their kid to school. Since this happened, instances of behavior problems have dropped off significantly.

Has your philosophy of classroom management changed?

Not really. I still feel that a well managed class is part of being a successful teacher. The student is also most responsible for their own education. Teachers are simply facilitators. However, great teachers can turn poor students into successes, and vice versa.

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