Friday, October 28, 2005


deductive vs. inductive

Inductive teaching strategies seem to offer more in the long run. Through inductive learning, students stumble upon the concepts themselves. I believe those that teach themselves are more affected by their studies. My experience in college was that the material learned through tutorials stuck longer than that thrown at me in lecture. Inductive learning, however, requires an involved and motivated student. For this reason, inductive teaching lessons were few and far between. One did work well, though. The lesson was writing numbers in scientific notation. The first half was constructing a powers of ten chart. The students built a general theory around a few examples after noticing the pattern.

Most of my lessons are deductive. They are quick and easy to plan and can be very effective. But a deductive lesson needs to be real good to stand out like inductive strategies. Every now and then I get bored with them and so do my students, but overall I think they work well.

I'm finding it hard to incorporate inductive strategies while teaching seventh grade. They need the strict direction that deductive strategies provide. You can't let two dozen 12 years olds loose with a lofty goal in mind. They need focus and a clear purpose.

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Amen to that, Evan! Math should mostly be taught deductively, anyway. Plus, with all of our time constraints / pressure for the TEST" blah blah blah... D>I. Strive to work in discovery lessons when appropriate. - Ms. Cornelius
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